Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Apr 27 2020

I've been asked by multiple high school students what programming language they should learn first. Now, there are many articles and blog posts talking about this exact subject, but from my perspective of a high school student, I would like to give a direct answer.

In my opinion, the best programming language to learn first would be either Python or Javascript. Why? Here you go.

I learned Python first. The syntax and flow of Python is so simple and straightforward, that I find it even more understandable than block-programming. It's a great way to learn fundamentals, but it is still the #1 most popular programming language, and has potential in data science and ML/AI, along with options in web development. It is a great programming language to start on and continue in. A lot of people may say otherwise because there are definitely better technologies/languages to use for certain applications, but for a beginner just starting out, it's a great choice to start on.

Javascript is also a great option. It's easy to learn, it's very popular, and it's a very powerful programming language. It is used heavily in web and app development, and it is starting to take over native mobile app programming languages. It is marked as one of the programming languages of the future, and whether this is true or not, I would encourage everyone to learn Javascript at some point in their career. I used to hate Javascript, but after a while of using it, I started to love it! Even this blog is built in Javascript! (Next.js + React)

Whichever programming language you decide to start on is completely fine, whether it be Python or Javascript or something else. Because chances are, you'll be pivoting sometime in the future. I hope this helped somebody who was confused on where they should start and every single article on this topic out there just said "it depends".

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